All prices below are to be taken as rough guide only. For an accurate quote, please contact Mr McPherson’s secretary or the hospitals directly.

Mr McPherson endeavours to work with all major health insurance companies and comply with their fee schedules. However, please check with your insurer before booking your consultation to make sure you are fully covered. Most insurance companies will only cover a mono-focal lens for cataract surgery so you may need to pay an extra fee if a toric or multifocal lens is required. Mr McPherson and his secretary are not responsible for checking your insurance policy coverage.

Initial Consultation

Flat fee of £200 for all patients
Includes biometry and pre-assessment.
Required for all future planned surgery and procedures

Cataract Surgery

Standard lenses from £2734 to £2915
Toric lenses from £2924 to £3030
Multifocal lenses (Panoptix) £3469 to £3640
Extended depth of focus lenses (Vivity) £3469 to £3740
Pricing includes all costs on the day of surgery and any required follow-up consultation.

YAG Laser

From £392 to £642
Price does not include initial consultation.

Insurance Providers